Rare Disease Drug Market May be Devastated by Current Proposed Changes to Medicare D, finds the Rare Access Action Project

The Rare Access Action Project (RAAP) announced results of a devastating report conducted on the impact of proposed change to Medicare D to companies that develop treatments for Rare Diseases, conditions that impact fewer than 200,000 people and that often have no treatments of any kind. “The current proposals for changes to Medicare D are supposed to address rising costs to patients,” noted RAAP Executive Director Michael Eging. “Unfortunately, these rather sweeping one-size-fits all plans could actually devastate the orphan drug market that serves patients who already have few options – if any — and that don’t operate as large-scale markets because of the number of patients impacted. The Rare Disease space is a family of sorts, representing a cooperative effort between emerging companies, academics, and patients’ families and advocates. All of this makes the decision to enter the orphan drug market as much a labor of love as it is a leap of faith.”